Mailer Boxes – Boxes Designed For Your Convenience

What are mailer boxes?

As the name suggests, mailer boxes are typically cardboard boxes that are used to pack things and stuff. Except there is a tiny difference, custom mailer boxes are a step ahead of the regular cardboard boxes.
Mailer boxes do not require taping and adhesion to close as they have flaps and wings that interlock and ensure secure packaging.

Why use mailer boxes?

For someone who is looking to transport commodities safely, custom mailer boxes are the best choice for all the right reasons.

Here are some reasons why one should use mailer boxes when transporting commodities:

Light Weight:

Mailer boxes are user-friendly because they are almost weightless since they are so light in weight people use it send gifts and presents to their loved ones. The weightlessness has given an edge in monetary terms too. As the weight is almost negligible, the hereby weight of the box is not charged during shipment.

No other packaging required:

Customized mailer boxes are also available; hence another fancy packaging is not needed.


The boxes are highly affordable as they are available at a nominal price.


The boxes are environmentally friendly because they are made from non-toxic materials and are also recyclable, which is great owing to global warming.

Types Of Mailer Boxes:

Mailer boxes are used to mail only, and instead, they can use them for various other purposes. Henceforth there are different mailer boxes for different purposes. These are the types of mailer boxes:

Regular Mailer Boxes:

Such type of boxes is used mainly by courier services providers. The boxes are perfect for the packaging of courier items as they are solid and sturdy. The most fragile item packaged in these boxes is also safe.

Gift Boxes:

The boxes are not ugly-looking; thus, one can use the box to pack gift items. Since one can get customized mailer boxes to pack gifts safely in a desirable box.

Custom boxes:

These boxes are mainly used when the product kept inside the box is needed to be held properly and securely in place. So that product does not move around during transportation. The custom boxes come with an insert that provides additional protection to the delicate items that have been put in the box.

Exciting Facts About Mailer Boxes.
● The UK alone counts for just about 5 billion produce of these boxes, and one can say that the figure is only going to increase shortly.
● The boxes are biodegradable and nontoxic, which has made them one of the most environmentally friendly solutions.
● Almost 70% to 80% of boxes are recycled.
● There is a museum in France that is exclusively for cardboard packaging.
● A top-rated cereal company Kellog’s, has been using such packaging for their product since 1900.

Why is packaging important?

What attracts a customer most is the packaging of the product. The brands, therefore, must look into the packaging of their product. Let’s put it this way packaging is the soul of the product and tells so much about the brand itself. A well-packaged product gives a sense of luxury to the buyer. And makes the buyer pay more for the product. A person is more likely to get attracted to an item packaged in a beautiful yet sturdy box than the same item being put into a shopping bag.
Most of the time, when people buy gifts and are asked whether they want it in a box or a bag, they are most likely to get a box because people don’t have the time to wrap a gift in fancy paper; thus, they choose a hassle-free box. The box not only keeps the gift safe but is also pleasing to the eye and presentable to the receiver.


The boxes have been a hit ever since they have been introduced for all the right reasons, such as affordability, structural integrity, customizability and, light weightiness. Mailer boxes have made packaging feasible, safe and, secure. The boxes are thoughtfully curated to ditch the need for taping and gluing the boxes as previously done to ensure they do not open during transportation.