Auto Lock Boxes

With the advent of online business market and access to global trading, shipping products to far away places had become worrisome for the manufacturers. Meanwhile, to cater the concern and serve the need of sturdy packaging, corrugated and rigid packaging materials and box styles were introduced that were especially intended to serve the need without costing enough to the owners. Auto-Lock Boxes are one of those production; it is folding one-piece carton shaped box with a specialized cut pattern which locks the bottom automatically when little pressure is applied to its sides, thus named as auto-lock bottom boxes.

- High Quality Printing

- Quick Turnaround Time

- Super-Fast Delivery

- Free Design Support


Personalized Packaging for Instant Appeal

Custom Auto Lock Packaging can be produced in whatever material you require as per your product’s end use and personal preferences to truly reflect your brand message and build certain image in the market. Meanwhile, for retail and display purposes, cardboard material is usually acquired while for storage boxes, and products that are needed to be shipped at greater distances or otherwise heavy in weight and size, corrugated paper material is utilized to sustain the pressure and ensure safe delivery of the packaging. So Auto Lock Boxes can be customized in any material you like and think would suit your purpose better. Moreover, with features and your logo prominently displayed on your Printed Auto Lock Boxes, your product is bound to stand out among other products and look highly promising to the customers; thus increasing the chances of your sales.

Glamorize Your Products with Features and Add ons

Dull packaging is very easy to get overlooked when there are innovatively illustrated and creative crafted packaging displayed beside them, so don’t risk being the former by going for plain boxes. With just a pinch of a few features and shiny lines of foiling in color which compliment your box’s surface color, embossed or debossed logo for enhanced appeal, aesthetic illustration that interacts with your audience, or a window at the front or side of your packaging to give a slight peek of your product and with your product specifications printed clearly at the packaging, you can really glamorize your Custom Auto Lock Packaging.

Order Wholesale Boxes for Lower Prices

Auto Lock Boxes are shipped flat and are very easy to assemble at the time of packaging your product, so this helps you in ordering wholesale amount of boxes without having you to spare excessive space to them. Moreover, when you order at wholesale, you’ll also get more discount and lower price, as we are custom packaging company so we don’t store any boxes and only create boxes from scratch when ordered. Therefore, the production cost is divided more when the order is in bulk amount, consequently making it more affordable for you.

How Custom CMYK Boxes is Leading Service Provider?

We design our services in ways to help you achieve your business goals creatively by serving you our qualitative Auto Lock Boxes at highly economical prices along with our complimentary services to ensure your best experience.

Professional Graphic Designing Team

We’ve a professional team of graphic designers that work with you to enable you in creating a combination of features and illustration that would best suit your product type. As various kinds of products can be packaged in it; from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, skincare, food to confectionary, candles and home décor, to electronics and software products.

Ardent Customer Care Services

Our Customer Care Representatives are ardently active all the time to consider your concerns and packaging requirements, so we can make products that you were actually looking for.

Premium Printing and Material Quality

Custom CMYK Boxes never compromises at packaging quality, so we make all of our Printed Auto Lock Boxes with premium quality card and color stocks. Moreover, with the help of our Quality Expert Officers, we make sure that the quality is not compromised during the production phase as well and remove any default pieces so only the best products can be delivered to your doorsteps in the quickest time possible.

Affordable Quotes with Free Shipping Services

We offer high quality packaging at such economical price ranges and to further smoothen the process for you, we also offer free shipping services to our clients all across USA, Canada, and UK.

All the abovementioned services enable us to maintain our position and serve you with the best!

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