Cake Boxes

Cakes are central piece of every celebratory occasion. No birthday party, wedding, gender reveal or graduation party is complete without cake cutting ceremony. Meanwhile, numerous bakeries have expanded their cake varieties and thus different Cake Boxes are required to pack and transport each soundly. Best Custom Boxes makes sure to provide you with enough variety in box material, designing and features so you can keep your each product’s packaging relevant and unique. Moreover, with our complimentary designing support, prototypes and shipping services enable us to make the process highly affordable for you.

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Display Your Sweets and Cakes Compellingly

Displaying one’s products in retail market has become quite mandatory part of marketing and reaching large scaled audience. But it is not so easy, as there are also many other same kind of products available on shelf, it is very probable of buyers to get distracted from your product and prefer any other with creative and alluring packaging design. So when you avail custom packaging services, you get the authority to conveniently design your boxes and make them stand out when displayed in retail stores.

Transport Your Goods in Style

Confectionary items, be it cakes or any other product, are not only required to be displayed deliciously but also transported to significant distance. Therefore a proper packaging is needed to fit them properly. Ruining carefully made cake during transportation and having its top decoration and cream stuck to the lid of packaging is every baker’s nightmare that s/he wants to avoid at all costs. Fortunately, with recent technology and quick access to services globally, you don’t have to do much to protect your cakes. All you have to do is get our Custom Cake Boxes that will be exclusively crafted to properly fit and transport your goods safely to your customer’s location.

Why You Should Customize Your Packaging? 

How Customizing Your Cake Packaging can help you attract more clients? Well, to start with, when you display and transport your cakes in most unique and innovative boxes, it will definitely grab more attention as compared to packing them in plain or standard packaging. No doubt standard packaging has gains of its own, like it does not cost much money or time in its production but they have a very major drawback – they can be availed by anyone in the market! This makes you just another sheep in the crowd. Moreover, there are fixed sizes that limit you further in buying a box that would be either too big for your cakes or too large. So to make yourself prominent and different than the others, custom packaging can be a weapon against your competitors. As you’ll be provided with numerous options to select from which means you get a freedom to design packaging in your style.

  • Logo Placement

Despite having nice packaging, if you don’t have your logo placed on it then it all simply went in vain. Logo is something that briefly conveys your brands mission, and statement to your audience, also making it easy for them to recognize it in the market. So we give you this opportunity to display your logo and brand name predominantly on your Custom Cake Boxes to help you make your brand statement compellingly.

  • Brand Image

A good packaging that is different, trendy and beautiful instantly grabs everyone’s attention. People remember unique things and this peculiarity can work for your benefit. Meanwhile, develop a packaging that is entirely unique, innovative, consumer-oriented and photogenic for social media. All these features are must to have if you want everyone to love your Printed Cake Boxes in modern times.

  • Inexpensive Marketing

Marketing can be very costly, but with custom packaging, you can do it without investing much effort or budget. Reflect your message in packaging and display your logo, tagline along with other embellishments to attract your potential customers ineffectively.  

  • Diverse Options

In Custom Packaging Services, you have very diverse options to craft your packaging in a unique manner. Without staying restricted to any one standard or feature type, you can design your boxes to truly reflect your brand image.

Numerous Add-Ons to Enhance Your Product Appeal

We offer numerous add ons like lamination, gold to silver foiling, blind, spread or spot UV, die-cut window, ribbons, tags or labels with your price, other product information or even some quote printed on it.  Furthermore, you can have printed boxes made in any style you like; one-piece, two-piece with die-cut window contacting lid, flap box, gable boxes for pastries or small-sized cakes, or boxes with handles for easy carriage.

Custom CMYK Boxes – Get Your Quote Today!

Why choose Custom CMYK Boxes over others? We thrive by serving you highest quality packaging. We have skilled designing and manufacturing teams, high-tech machines and quality maintaining experts that allow us to select premium quality colour and card stock. All this when combined allow us to deliver what we claim – Custom CMYK Boxes!

Moreover, with our free designing, prototype and shipping services, we serve you with best packaging at highly affordable range. So don’t wait anymore, confirm your order today!

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