Cereal Boxes

In this era of custom packaging where the demand for unique packaging is already sky high; with so many companies manufacturing the same kind of product it is getting tougher with each passing day to launch a new product or to keep up with the competitors. Custom CMYK Boxes has pledged to serve its clients with finest quality boxes to make sure that you don’t have to worry about any of the competition problems anymore. As we are a well-known company in the market for its innovative packaging approach, meaningful complimentary services, and efficient delivery in time. To get your ideal packaging, all you need to do is just present us with your idea that what are you looking for in your Custom Cereal Boxes and we will efficiently translate that into a real life packaging for you.

- High Quality Printing

- Quick Turnaround Time

- Super-Fast Delivery

- Free Design Support


What We Offer in Custom Cereal Boxes

Cereals are one of those food items that require extra cautious packaging. Although every eatable product needs to be packaged appropriately but Cereals need to be packed with care so their crunchiness is not compromised due to the external pollution, moist or air. Meanwhile, to secure them from outside pollutants, they are usually packed inside plastic bags and then packed in cardboard or corrugated boxes. And that is exactly how we design our boxes. To keep your flavor intact, we prefer cardboard material boxes as they are durable enough to shield it against all damages as well as light weight to make it easy for you to transport it from one place to another.

  • Creative Designing

With the assistance of professional designers, we allow you to create boxes that are ideal for your product. As there are different kinds of cereals; wheat based, oatmeal based, numerous flavors and calories free, et cetra. So we orient our designing process according to the specific cereal type to allow you to target your right audience impactfully.

  • Numerous Add-ons

You can have various features like, lamination, foiling, embossing, debossing, UV Spot, coating in aqueous or matte finish, ribbons, stickers or tags. Moreover, you can choose combination of a few or even single if you prefer.

  • Logo Placement

Effective Marketing is only possible when you’ve placed your logo on packaging to let everyone know that it’s your product. Otherwise, there won’t be any benefit for your company, no matter how much investment you have put into it.   

  • Die-Cut Window and Shapes

Cereal Boxes are certainly different products which have often uncertain shelf life, due to quality maintenance limitations, which restricts and further toughens the business for manufactures. However with the use of recent tools and technology, custom die cut windows and shapes can be added to them to enhance product visibility and thus, increase sales.

  • Premium Material and Color Stock

With the presence of our Quality Assurance Officers, we make sure to choose material and color stock that is actually of premium quality. So your packaging can be created of the highest value.

Impactful Marketing Strategy

Custom Packaging really helps you design your marketing strategy authentically. With your logo prominently placed, either embossed or debossed, you can promote your brand and product alongside and effectively. Our Custom Cereal Boxes are crafted with care by using the highest quality materials and the ideal combination of features like foiling, UV spot or die-cut windows, they are just perfect to fulfill all your business needs. Such personalized packaging will help you deliver your product to your customer with a touch of intimacy and to relate with your audience and customers in more personal manner, thereby, developing a more concerned relation with them.

Why Choose Us?

Custom CMYK Boxes is not only famous for its ingenious packaging designs but services and those too, complimentary. We have developed special teams of CSRs and designers to help you create your ideal packaging design. They would not only assist you in designing – guide you about which feature would better with which, but also provide you with soft mockup that will be created on the basis of your chosen features. This will enable you to reevaluate your choices and improve it for more productive outcome.

Moreover, to keep our products’ quality highest in standard, we have Quality Assurance Experts present throughout the whole production process who guide us immediately where it’s required and do not hesitate from discarding boxes or even whole batches if they are not up to the mark. As quality is our first priority. To make the process further convenient for you and in economical perspective, we offer free delivery to UK, USA and Canada. So you won’t have to worry about those charges even. Just have your required budget aside and you can carry on with your usual plans while enjoying your highest quality packaging that will surely boost your sales.

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